"You cover your fear with your camera, film becomes my clothes, naked without it I am nothing. Through it I share and I am loved." 
Video,performance,installation exploring the Afro-futurist body politic. Featuring Diary of a Black Tree and Marvin Baseka
Film lives within me...

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Gentrification, urban cleansing, cultural displacement, moving out the blacks, moving out the poor, moving out the working class, the useless, the penniless scroungers and non-tax payers? There are winners and there are losers. 
The pests, parasites and the profiteers...

 all the same rubble makers.


Will you Marry Me?
Hornsey Town Hall Gallery 2016

Fetishized black sex symbol cloaked in white purity. Words like Bitch, Nigger, Slave, Immigrant, cover her face, introducing her to the world whilst hiding her true intention, self reflection and worth. People recoiled from the words written on buttons on the wedding veil covering my face, a voice in the distance said “it is so unnecessary why put nigger”. How interesting this to me, Quintin Tarrantino, flout these words so freely, yet I can not wear them with intention as a black faced woman. So difficulty it was for me to hear and not be seen, how freely they all communicated their true feelings about me.

The Space In Between
CSM 2017

My eyes were bandaged form the pain; the camera had already captured, and later would project my empty seat. People walked past it blindly, unaware of it like it was me. So when I sat there, eyes covered, this time it was me who could not see. The noise echoed around me, I felt alone yet displayed for all to see, this is what it felt like, that secret space in between.


A Silent Dedication
I had requested to give a lecture on African body art during a TATE takeover billed as an “alternative” art school. Many times I was softy rejected. Perseverance I was taught when things get too touch not to question. So I turned up, lecture in hand, but I stood there, lips parted, moving with every word but no sound came out. A silent dedication I re-named it, for those neither seen nor heard in institutions where being “another” can be rough. Silent was how I performed it, till the bitter end when they all clapped.


Left- Over Educated Artist

Nothing so much to see here, but what you are looking at is an invoice totaling over half a million pounds. An accumulation of the educational expenditure of myself and collaborative artist Pablo Engle for the MEXUK 2015 commission held at the Charlton Street gallery in Kings Cross.
Centre- Exposure (In being and Time)
On the floor are two bodies sculpted from VHS video tape whilst the film which you can watch above is displayed on a monitor behind on the wall. Exhibited at the Lethaby Gallery in Kings Cross 2017

Right- My Laundry is My Business

Hanging on a washing line are over 200 business cards, intermixed with my underwear also printed with business cards as well as two of my own giant double sided business cards. Also on display which can be found below in my photography section are four large prints of my body covered in business cards.

My Laundry is My business
  1. #bigbottomgyal #sexy #endometriosis #gynaecology #hospital #notsosexy #womensproblems #body
    There's A Backside to Everything (pun intended)
    This is a photographic collage of two inlaid photographs exposing my inner bodies own politic thorough a business card obscuring my bottom as a form of overt sexualisation
  2. #art #ptah-council #men #women #power #spirituality #diaspora #goddess
    Goddess of Man
    This is a photograph exploring the "black" female body politic in relation to gendered perspectives in revised Pan, Neo and Diasporic African spiritual culture and identity.
  3. #fetishisation #Africanbodies #women #sexuality #chocolate #bodies #business #film #media
    For The Love of Chocolate
    This is a photograph exploring the role of film in framing the fetishisation and sexualisation of the African female form through seemingly unrelated symbolism.
  4. #foodporn #sex #cookies #woman #vulva #body #women #sexuality #eat #african
    My Heaven Scented Cookies
    This photograph explores the labels used to describe female anatomy, "cookies" and the sensualisation of food explored in the context of the African female body where the representation of such is either of the extreme or the forbidden.
things don't belong


I have taken photos of things and stuff and more things and the peole who never made them
    Diary of A Black Tree- A trip around the world
copyright 2017 Ebony Franci
  1. The Scale Of importance
  2. 3 x A Slave
  3. It's A Classic
  4. the gentle swan?
  5. Developement
  6. The Wind That Blows
  7. The Tourists Are Coming!
  8. The Choice In-Between
  9. Fair Trade?
  10. Same, Same but Different
  11. Emaciated Piggy
  12. Wildlife Refuge
  13. No Nissan
  14. Colourful Immigrant
  15. Things are stretched as it is.
  16. His eye is on the Sparrow
  17. The Worries Stay Close
  18. The Baboon in the middle of the road
  19. "These Fish Are Freshly Frozen Today Lady"
  20. Death to the Dead
  21. A Love For Danger
  22. Scary Pussy